• AI or Artificial Insemination in Horses
    Artificial Insemination (AI),  Horse Breeding

    What is Artificial Insemination (AI) in Horses

    Artificial insemination (AI) in horses is a breeding technique in which sperm from a stallion is collected and then manually introduced into the mare’s reproductive tract using specialized equipment. This is done in order to improve the chances of pregnancy, without the need for natural mating. The stallion may be local, or may be far away. This process can be done with fresh cooled semen, or frozen semen. The process involves collecting semen from the stallion using a specialized artificial vagina, which is designed to simulate natural mating. The semen is then evaluated to determine its quality, quantity, or motility. It may be extended or diluted with a special solution…

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    Horse Breeding Basics

    Breeding horses involves the process, ideally, of selecting two horses with desirable traits to produce offspring with those same desirable traits, pregnancy, and finally the mare birthing a healthy foal. Some basics of breeding horses include: Breeding horses requires a significant investment of time, finances, and resources, and it is important to have a thorough understanding of the process before beginning. Working with experienced professionals, such as a veterinarian or breeding specialists, can help ensure a successful breeding program and foaling.